Blackwing VOL.1138 | SOLD OUT

DEC.2015 - VOL.1138


In the early 20th century, motion pictures were in their infancy. They were seen as a gimmick, something to pass the time between Vaudeville acts. That changed when a French filmmaker named Georges Méliès proceeded to take his audience to the moon.

At 13 minutes, Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon was groundbreaking due to its length, intricate sets, elaborate costumes, and coherent story. It is not only the earliest example of a science fiction film, it also laid the foundation for narrative films of all genres.

The Blackwing 1138 salutes A Trip to the Moon and all things sci-fi. Using a process known as movie barcoding, we condensed the entirety of the film into individual bands of color and applied it to the barrel of the pencil.

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